Maintenance 8/14/2018

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Maintenance 8/14/2018

Post by Immortality » Wed Aug 15, 2018 1:03 am

Maintenance is: COMPLETE!

You will be required to update to the latest client version: 30180801_2.

If you need help, view the guide here.

Patch notes:

  • Experience point tables have been updated to be more inline with current retail values. As a result, “Incredibly Easy Prey” ratings have been added. These mobs will still grant exp/limit points but may or may not aggro depending on their level. Keep in mind this may cause mobs to aggro level 99 players that did not previously. This is intentional. That being said, players at higher levels can stay and party in areas longer before having to move on to higher level camps.
    NOTE: Currently, Item Level does not affect the result of a /check. This will be fixed in the future.
  • NMs have been given a TP cooldown. This should reduce the risk of “TP Feeding” with melee jobs against tough bosses. Expect balance passes on specific NMs as time goes on.
  • Eber Mitts/+1 now properly increase Regen effect duration
  • Fixed a bug with CoP rings that were giving incorrect stat amounts
  • Revealer’s Mitts +1 mods added
Job Changes
  • BLU
    • Eyes on Me CHR modifier increased
    • Mysterious Light CHR modifier increased
    • Stout Servant has been implemented
    • Stout Servant has been implemented
    • Conspirator has been implemented
    • Bully has been implemented
    • Blood Pacts now have skillchain properties
    • Blood Boon has been implemented
    • Stout Servant has been implemented
  • Some merchant shops have been updated
  • Desynthesis recipes added
Mob Fixes
  • Bukhis’ model size and animations have been fixed
  • Pygmytoise in Gustav Tunnel now properly aggro
  • Boulder Eaters’ model size has been fixed (no aggro changes)
  • Maere model size has been fixed
  • Megamaw Mikey’s model has been fixed
  • Wivre abilities have been fixed
  • Mechanical Menace model and skill list fixed
  • Croque-Mitaine model fixed
  • Rakshas model fixed
  • Muscaliet model fixed
  • Slendlix Spindlethumb model fixed
  • Many mobskills that charmed players have been “fixed”
    NOTE: Charm is still a bit screwy, but you’ll consistently attack other people on the mob’s hate list if charmed
  • Mobs should path up/down cliffs to get to the player when aggressive now
  • Voidwatch has seen a small functional overhaul concerning elemental “tear” drops. If a Voidwatch NM does not drop a tear upon its death, please open a ticket.
  • Voidwatch NMs that have adds have all been reworked to spawn, aggro, and despawn more reliably.
Absolute Virtue
  • Absolute Virtue has been re-enabled. He is a 100% pop on Jailer of Love’s despawn.
  • Drop rates for rings have been reworked.
  • Rings are grouped into drop slots, but none are guaranteed to drop

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