Maintenance 9/24/2018

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Maintenance 9/24/2018

Post by Autkast » Tue Sep 25, 2018 5:15 am

Maintenance is: COMPLETE!

Please update your clients to the latest retail update. Version:30180904_0

Patch Notes:

  • Adjusted recipes for Fotia Gorget, Fotia Belt, and Hachirin-no-obi (see item tool for details)
  • Added “Additional effect: Haste” mod to Blurred Weapons
  • 119 Ammo has been added to !shop 4
  • Blurred Harp/+1 AH category has been fixed
  • Sandung Weaponskill Damage mod has been added
  • Amalasanda (Tenshodo Merchant) in Lower Jeuno has been re-enabled with a modified shop inventory
  • Blade: Hi and Kannagi have been slightly buffed to be more effective outside of Abyssea. The balance around Blade: Hi damage is an ongoing process.
  • Fixed Ambrosia
  • Windurst Mission 9-2 can now be undertaken and completed for Windurst Rank 10
  • PM6-4 should FINALLY be fixed. Omega and Ultima should appear in their expected positions during the bcnm fight.
  • Summoner
    • Blood Pact Delay II has been hooked up in core and appropriate gear mods have been switched over to use it
  • Blue Mage
    • Reworked Sinker Drill to be more retail accurate
    • Fixed Goblin Rush skillchain properties
  • Abyssea mobs no longer drop Synthesis Crystals as per retail
  • Pneumaflayers in Abyssea-Vunkerl no longer have True Detection
  • Fixed mobs below “Even Match” giving exp chains
DSP Bug Fixes
  • Auto Homepointing upon death - SO LONG SUCKER!
    • Big shout out to Jason and atom0s for tracking this jerk down
  • Cutscenes while mounted should now kick off correctly. Most notable occurrences are SMN unlock quest and a CoP Mission cutscene
  • New Adventurer icon should now disappear after hitting level 5 or 10 hours playtime.
    • NOTE: There may still be a bug with the menu option to cancel New Adventurer Status under Help Desk->Config

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